Tuesday, June 29, 2010


I am a baseball/softball mom. I take offense to being called "soccer mom" (not really..lol). But my kids are all about ball! My girls are in the community softball league and my son is in the community baseball league (baseball nazi's - all of them!!). As much as I complain about having to take them all over town to three different practices, three different games, etc. I really do live for it! I love watching my kids play!! My son has made Allstars again (4th year in a row I believe) because he is a spectacular pitcher and short stop!! He made Omar-like plays at short and has pitched 2 no hitters this season alone. He lives for baseball!! My middle daughter is also an awesome pitcher and short stop. Her nick name is "Spidey" because even though she is little (she's 12 - she's just short..lol) she can pull balls out of the air she has no business being able to catch...she has to use her spidey web! My oldest is in it purely for the social aspect..I understand that. However, she is also a fantastic hitter and great second baseman! Oh..did I mention my husband is coach of Spidey's team too? See? We live for baseball!! My son's team came in second for the Championship game. They played 9 (yes, 9!) innings. It was tied 8-8...they held the other team inning after inning. It came down to the last play, hard line drive to short (my son), he caught it and turned in one motion (see? Omar-like plays!!) and threw a bomb to home. He was seconds from getting the out. The other team scored and we "lost". I say "lost" because in everyones eyes in that park there were two winners that night. Both teams played with heart and both teams can hold their heads up proud!

Tonight is my middle daughters Championship game! I am so excited for her to play. I know they can pull this win off. If they do, my husband is going to let the team dye his hair PINK! What we won't do for softball!! Sigh!

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