Tuesday, October 6, 2009


My oldest daughter will be making her Confirmation this year. We had a meeting at our church last night with all of the 8th grade students from our parish. At one point in time I knew most of the kids in our parish from being a CCD teacher and my children going to school there. I didn't recognize half of these kids. When my daughter pointed out an exboyfriend of hers across the room I almost fell off my chair. "When did he get so tall?" I asked this question as I turned toward my daughter and realized I was staring into her eyes. We were both standing. Oh boy..."when did YOU get so tall?" I can't believe these kids are so grown up. It seems like just yesterday my daughter came running off the school bus from her first day of kindergarten with a BIG grin on her face. Now she is becoming an adult in the eyes of the church. Where does time go? Then a friend of mine pointed out that this is only the beginning of the road for me as I have 3 other kids to go through this with. She lovingly pointed out that I will be 48 when my last child goes through Confirmation. Thanks, friend!!